Trusted Lawyers in Columbus, OH

When you're confronted with a legal dilemma, you may appreciate turning to a Columbus, OH, lawyer who offers local representation. At Wolfe Van Wey & Associates, LLC, our firm understands how dealing with the complex and impersonal justice system can cause despair, and our goal is to design a strategy that applies any possible legal regulations for your benefit.

We'll work hard to protect your rights, and if you're ready to speak directly with a lawyer, you can schedule today with our office. Our firm can attentively listen to your concerns and help you gain a better awareness of the way that laws and ordinances may come into play. You can contact us for assistance with a range of issues, and we offer representation for:

  • Employment law matters
  • Traffic citations
  • Bankruptcy
  • Criminal charges
  • Workers' compensation cases

Wolfe Van Wey & Associates, LLC can find a convenient time for your initial appointment. Our firm cares for your future and aims to offer support and guidance while you're dealing with the legal system. Contact us to consult with a Columbus, OH, lawyer.